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Groundbreaking ceremony and the consecration of the ground today was started the construction in the courtyard of the church of St. Uros in Urosevac which is funded by the Ministry for Communities and Return. The foundation stone was officially laid by father Zivorad Kojic and Minister Dalibor Jevtic. Solemn act of consecration, was attended by representatives of the municipality of Ferizaj, representatives of the municipality of Strpce, the representatives of the and a dozen citizens.

"Thirteen years of waiting for the day when I'll be back in Urosevac. I served here to God until the war. In the churchyard children were playing, Serbian and Albanian, here my children were born and raised. I want to thank the Ministry for Communities and Return, which we address the needs and funded the construction of the parish house. I thank the Mayor of Urosevac who helped and helps me to serve God here again. Thank you to all people of good will and I believe in the yard the children will play together, Serbian and Albanian", said father Zivorad in his addressing. Minister Dalibor Jevtic said he was very excited and happy to have the opportunity today to attend the start of construction of the parish house. "The construction of the parish house is a symbol of spiritual return to the city of Urosevac and also signal to all those who have been displaced to return to this city. And as the church and the mosque can be here next to each other so that Serbs and Albanians in Urosevac be next to each other, together and peacefully. We must turn to the future and forgive bad things from the past in order and thus closer to normal values of society, respecting all our differences, but a lot in common. Let this be the beginning of a cornerstone not only of building the parish house, but also a foundation for building a better future", said Jevtic.
After laying the foundation of the cornerstone, Minister Jevtic visited in Plestina the grandmother Smiljana Bajcetic which is served with this assistance in the form of alimentary and sanitary goods. In an interview with the grandmother Smilja Jevtic said that it is a symbol of survival in Urosevac, adding that he and her associates are available 24th hours. After that, Minister Jevtic visited the village Talinovc, Babusa and Babljak and spoke with returnees in these places. They put forward some demands of the Minister and conveyed to him that the biggest problem with them at this time of economic nature. Minister Jevtic thanked the returnees for their will and perseverance to stay in their homes despite all the difficulties and problems, and added that he would fight that the return be sustainable and that the economic aspect is important because without access of employment survival is not possible everywhere.