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25. 08.2011. Minister for Communitiesand Return, Radojica Tomic, accompanied by Mayor of Urosevac Bajrush Xhemajli and Commander of the police station in Ferizaj Qazim Reka, today visited the village Babljak in Urosevac where two days earlier are demolished and looted eight houses of the Serbian returnees. At its meeting Mayor Xhemajli and Commander Reka have announced Minister Tomic with the concrete situation on the field and steps taken to identify the perpetrators of crimes and to bring them to justice, and stressed the belief that concrete results of the investigation soon will be recognized.

After the short visit, the Minister visited the returned family Petrovic, with whom he talked about the new situation in the village and on the conditions in which returnees live, noting that the Ministry for Communities and Return with the help of local authorities will make everything to provide institutional protection for returnees.

The Minister said that should not be allowed that the work of thieves and criminals bring fear and concern among the returnees, and both communities, receiving and returning, must grant a maximum of their efforts to jointly, with the help of competent bodies, defend their property.

It must be admitted that the houses in which returnees are living or visiting them from time to time submit bait for thieves and ideal field for robbery. For this is necessary all together to commit that such things do not happen, said Minister Tomic. Therefore emphasized the necessity of cooperation and communication, because private property is inviolable and must be respected.

It was agreed that the village be increased police surveillance and police patrols, and the public to be informed of the final results of the investigation.

At the end of the visit on behalf of participants, minister Tomic has once again said for the support and has invited all the citizens of Kosovo to continue to build the common future of coexistence with the full cooperation and protection of all relevant institutions.